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best fogless shower mirrorIt’s easy to tell your boss that you got stuck in traffic hence arrived late, or tell him that you had emergency which needed your immediate attention hence your coming to job late. But imagine a time spent in the shower, not because the experience was so awesome that you forgot to come out but because the mirror became foggy after every minute and you were shaving, so you had to wipe it every time it fogged. How do you say this to him? It’s ridiculous, right? You do not have to expose yourself to such situations and the best way to do it is to get yourself a fogless shower mirror.

What is a fogless shower mirror? When having a shower (especially with hot water), the heated moisture in our bathroom creates vapor that covers your mirror and in turn, the mirror becomes opaque. This means you have to keep wiping the mirror now and again, or open the door. Fogless mirrors are designed in a way that prevents the vapour condensing on them hence they won’t be opaque. There are three types of fogless shower mirrors;

  1. Chemically coated mirrors– These mirrors are coated with some chemicals which are anti-fog. However, these chemicals wear out with time and the mirror is no longer fogless.
  2. Heated mirrors– These mirrors have a reservoir that hold warm water which will provide heat to the mirror hence water won’t condense on it.
  • Mirrors attached to the shower pipe. These ones simply hang under the shower head hence they’re heated by the water itself.


The fog resisting technology used is totally dependent on personal preference. However, it’s one thing you should consider when buying a fogless shower mirror among other things. Yes, before buying a fogless shower mirror, there are factors you should consider. They include;

  1. Anti-fog technology- The technology that is used to make the mirror anti-fog is important. As we already told you, coatings on chemically-coated fogless mirrors wear out after some time hence they aren’t the best option.
  2. Shape and size- These are also important as you need to have a full view of yourself.
  • While some fogless mirrors are there to be just used as mirrors, some come with shelves and hooks. These help you to keep your grooming instruments.
  1. Adjustable magnification- Some mirrors in the market today allow you to zoom into a problem area, making it appear bigger and clearer.
  2. Break resistance- Accidents occur, hangers fail and what you need is a shatter-resistant fogless mirror.
  3. Illumination- Some mirrors come with their own LED lights which are around the frame to provide light while grooming.
  • You need to look at the cost of the fogless mirror, and whether it fits your budget.
  • Is the fogless shower mirror easy to install? Do not buy a mirror that will give you hard time to install or you might end up vandalizing it even before you use it.
  1. It is important to see what other people are saying about the shower mirror. This will help you know the positives and negatives about it, and you will avoid future regrets you might have had for buying a shower mirror whose reputation is bad.

To know which shower mirror fits you, you have to consider all these facts, and then of course compare with your needs. If you are wondering which fogless shower mirror is the best, do not worry. Below are five reviews of the best fogless shower mirrors in the market.

  1. ToiletTree Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror

This fogless mirror is completely incredible, and one of the highest rated in the market. This mirror comes in three distinct finishes that help you coordinate it with your bathroom with an adjustable frame that lets the mirror work for everyone. Measuring 8.5” x 2.6” x 9”, ToiletTree Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror affixes to the shower by a soft adhesive silicon which can never damage your shower. This fogless shower mirror also has other features which make it a preference among many. It comes with an inbuilt LED light to help your vision as you shower or shave. At its base is a shelf that holds the squeegee which you can use to wipe down the waters.

What we loved about this shower mirror;

  • The material is anti-shatter hence the mirror is durable.
  • Its anti-fog mechanism is simply by heating
  • ToiletTree Deluxe LED fogless shower mirror has a shelf where you can store your cartridge razor
  • With it comes an inbuilt squeegee and a travel pouch
  • This mirror is large
  • A soft adhesive silicon is used in place of suction cups and rods which in most cases give up
  • It has an LED light to help your vision

What we did not like;

  • The suction cups can wear out
  1. InterDesign Forma Suction Fogless shower Mirror

As you can judge by its name, this shower mirror is definitely unique. Unlike other mirrors that do have either a coating or a water reservoir to keep it warm and fogless, this one directly connects to the water source, despite having a reservoir like the rest. It has a control valve which is used to siphon water through into the mirror. However, installing it isn’t such an easy task. You have to remove the shower head to fix it. This means if you are slow then you’ll lose a lot of water due to leaks and the water pressure will consequently go down. It is rectangular in shape, measuring 6.2 x 2.5 x 11 inches though it has curved edges. It is made of stainless steel which is strong and ensures durability.  It comes with two hooks where you can hang your razors on, plus an inbuilt curved shelf where you can store other stuff.

What we loved about this fogless shower mirror;

  • InterDesign Forma Suction is entirely made of stainless steel which means durability
  • The design is off the hook
  • With this shower mirror come two hooks to hang your razors
  • There is an inbuilt curved shelf for your storage with this mirror
  • There is a reservoir at the back of this mirror which you fill with hot water
  • This shower mirror connects water directly from its source
  • Comes with a control valve to help in water siphoning
  • The material makes this shower mirror shatter proof

What we didn’t like about this shower mirror;

  • Installing it is hectic
  • Suction cups are likely to wear out with time.
  1. Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror

Measuring 6.83 x 5.25 x .13 inches, this mirror is small but one of the best to use under the shower when shaving. While most shower mirrors come with frames, this one lacks a frame. This might sound dangerous but it isn’t, since it is made of plastic. Being made of plastic is a plus and minus at the same time, as this makes the mirror more light and portable but it lacks the razor sharp clarity like glass mirrors. This mirror likewise has a hook which you use to mount it onto the wall, no suction cups required. We can’t help but laud this mirror’s simplicity, budget-friendly cost. The lightness and small nature is also something to commend, as you can walk with it.

What we loved about this mirror;

  • Very few mirrors can match the portability and lightness of Deluxe shave well. You can walk around with it.
  • You don’t need suction cups which will wear out with time, this mirror comes with a hook
  • Being made of plastic, this mirror can’t easily break even if it falls down
  • Compared to other mirrors, this one costs much less
  • Beyond the shower, this mirror can be used in other instances that require a mirror.
  • Once installed, it does not need to be re-treated.

What we didn’t like about this shower mirror;

  • Over some time, the mirrored side of the plastic fogless shower mirror will shrink slowly and wear out due to exposure to humidity and warm water
  1. Brookstone Fogless Shower Mirror

You might have enough light in your shower but having adequate light to see the image in the mirror clearly is not something we achieve quite often. That’s one of this mirror’s strengths. Made of stainless steel, this shower mirror is durable and measures 11.8 x 9.4 x 3.1 inches. Some of the great features that make Brookstone fogless shower mirror stand out include the LED lights that automatically go off five minutes after being switched on so you can’t be worried if you happen to get out and forget to switch them off. Besides, the mirror has a reservoir cup on its back just like other mirrors, which you feel with hot water to prevent water from condensing on the mirrors surface. And on installation, you get three suction cups and a connection wire which you’ll use to hook the mirror to the wall. In most cases, suction cups wear out, and in that case the connection wire will keep the mirror intact hence it won’t crash. This mirror also comes with storage a reservoir, razor and squeegee holders.

What we loved about this fogless shower mirror;

  • Made of stainless steel, Brookstone is durable
  • Great design
  • With the LED light you’re assured of extra lighting
  • The LED lights come with a 5-minute auto-shut off feature
  • To affix it to the wall you get suction cups and a connecting wire for reinforcement.
  • You can’t have a hard time installing this.

What we didn’t like about this shower mirror;

  • Those suction cups can wear out.
  • This mirror costs almost five times the other mirrors in this list.
  1. No Fog Shower Mirror by Upper West Collection

As you might have noticed by now, most if not all fogless shower mirrors are designed to be attached to one point of the bathroom at a specific angle and stay there, unless tampered with. That is however not true with this amazing shower mirror by Upper West Collection. With this mirror you don’t have to tip toe or crouch so as to catch a glimpse of that pimple on your face, the mirror has the ability to rotate 3600! That means you can tilt it upwards, downwards or even sideways without having to struggle to move yourself. Besides, the mirror has a razor blade holder that will help you during shower time.  No fog shower mirror comes in three distinct sizes so that you can choose one which befits your shower. When you begin showering, you just apply soapy water on it and that’s it, no fog.

What we loved about the No Fog shower mirror;

  • The rotating feature is one of a kind
  • You don’t have to dispose the razor before you’re done with showering as it has a razor holder
  • It comes in three sizes so you can choose one which fits your shower
  • The design is great, away from the wall.

What we didn’t like;

  • The suction cups can wear out.
  • You have to remember to splash soapy water at it before you start showering, which might be tedious

To buy the best fogless shower mirror, consider the size, the durability and the anti-fog technology used. You can also look at the attachment type, and see whether they can work with your bathroom. Some of the attachment types of fogless shower mirrors include;

  1. Suction cups- These ones are strong but at some point in their life they wear out and the shower mirror will fall down.
  2. Adhesive strips- Mostly, these are double-sided tapes. They are very strong and versatile. They are the best to use if the mirror is to be permanently attached.
  • Hooks- For portable fogless shower mirrors, you can just hook it so that you can remove it whenever you want.

While it is all up to you to decide on what to buy, we advise that you avoid chemical-coated shower mirrors as the chemicals wear out with time.

There are several benefits of having a fogless shower mirror.  With a fogless shower mirror, you won’t have to open the door or window of your bathroom to let the vapour out and freezing cold wind in. Neither will you be compelled to waste time wiping the mirror now and again, nor leave patches of hair on your face because the mirror was opaque and you didn’t see. So rush, get yourself one!



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