Best Work Gloves For the Money (Reviews of The Best Grip Gloves in 2018)

Imagine you’ve lived my life and picture this: you’re hanging by two hands onto a rocky precipice, trying like hell to get your grappling hook over the top.

Suddenly, the cheap leather on your leather gloves gives way, leaving nothing between your bare hand and sharp rock. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of wearing only the best when it comes to work gloves.

You may be thinking, “Sure, sturdy leather gloves have their place, but my job isn’t that intense.”

You couldn’t be more wrong.

The scenario I previously described happened when I was doing a construction site, erecting a building on a hill. I fell off a steel girder, and grabbed on to the rock, stopping my fall.

The hand is one of the most complex parts of your body and of the 3.6 million work-related injuries treated annually across the US, hand and fingers are the most commonly treated body parts.

So, protect your hands and fingers with a pair of work gloves.

Note that work gloves do not eliminate hazards completely and work gloves should be the last defense against hazards after all other safety measures have been taken.

When shopping for the best work gloves, consider construction features. Reinforced designs that feature palms and knuckles padded with leather or another high-quality material will stand up better to abrasion and rugged handling.

If you need dexterity, choose a pair that features Spandex for flexibility or a fingerless design. For good grip gloves, look for a high-tech material on the palms and fingers.

And don’t forget to look for safety features appropriate for your industry. Many manufacturers offer gloves designed with fire-resistance, blood borne pathogen protection as well as puncture- and cut-resistance. As well, they produce gloves made for specific industries such as welding, emergency response/extrication and automotive.

Pick work gloves with insulation if you work outdoors in cold weather. Like our Fleece PILE LINED LEATHER GLOVES is an insulating industry standard as it naturally retains heat. However, many synthetic materials exist as well, such as Thinsulate, which are designed to deliver cold-weather protection while still allowing dexterity.

1. Dewalt DPG41L Premium Cowhide Leather Work Glove

These Dewalt Premium Cowhide Leather gloves are ideal for people involved in light duty. They are made from superior quality split cow hide leather and are durable and can withstand tougher use.

The reinforced fingertips provide better fitting so that the wearer can wear it for continuous hours without feeling uncomfortable.

The wing thumb gives added flexibility and allows the wearer pick up even small items easily. The knuckle strap offers a snug fit and protection from mishaps and accidents.

The gloves come with safety cuffs made in rubber which are 2.5 inches thick. These work gloves are available at very economical rates which is another reason they are such a great deal. They measure 6.5 x 4.5 x 1 inches and are very light at just 7 ounces.

2. Westchester Leather Palm Work Gloves


Factors to Consider When Shopping for Work Gloves

Some of the different types of gloves used in the work force are latex gloves, vinyl gloves, Polyethylene gloves (also known as plastic gloves), nitrile gloves, leather work gloves, latex finger cots and unsupported gloves and canners.

Latex gloves are often used by healthcare employees and food service employees in order to maintain safe and sanitary conditions.

When used in the health care industry, latex gloves can provide a barrier for the health care worker and the patient to protect against contact with blood and other bodily fluids. Latex has actually been used for approximately 100 years.

Vinyl Gloves are used by food service employees and other workers who must preserve sanitary conditions. They are more cost effective than latex gloves.

However, vinyl gloves have greater leakage rates than latex gloves so there is less barrier efficiency. These gloves are not as suitable for surgery as latex gloves.

Polyethylene gloves (which are also known as plastic gloves) are used by food service workers when needed for sanitary conditions. They are more cost effective than latex gloves.

Nitrile gloves are worn by food service workers who must maintain sanitary conditions. They are a beneficial alternative to latex gloves, as some people have an allergic reaction to latex.

Leather work gloves protect the hands of workers when used in jobs that require hand protection. They are often available in both economy and premium leather gloves.

Latex finger cots are worn on the fingertips. They can keep your fingertips clean and protected when working with such items as charcoal, papers, hot glue, wax, needles, and cut glass, etc. They are both durable and comfortable. The purpose is to protect your fingertips from cuts, paint, and also to cover up existing cuts and abrasions.

Unsupported Gloves and Canners are utilized for workers in the in the food service industry. These gloves are also known as dishwashing gloves or rubber gloves.

How durable are your work gloves?

Durability is key when it comes to finding the best work & safety gloves. Gloves made from high quality leather offer the best in durability. You want to choose a glove that will last through the toughest jobs.

Flexibility is another important aspect of a quality glove. You want to make sure that you can manuveur your hands in every way you need to while being totally protected. A stiff glove will not allow full movement and therefore will not allow you to get the job done.

You also want to ensure that the work & safety gloves you choose are designed to protect against extreme environments. They should guard against heat and cold as well as fire. Whatever the situation, you should be covered with the proper gloves.

Opt for Leather Work Gloves

When it comes to strength, there’s nothing compared to time-tested leather gloves. I can’t say it enough–if you want to combine comfort with durability, then leather gloves are the way to go. There’s simply no better way to get the job done safely than by wearing leather gloves, that’s for sure.

Leather Gloves are one of the greatest inventions of all time, construction-wise. There’s nothing like the control you experience when you’ve got your hands nestled in a pair of leather gloves.

Think about how much time you spend taking care of your heart and brain, why not take care of your hands–they’re almost as important?

I see so many people entering their 30s and 40s with messed-up hands, there’s simply no reason not to take care of your hands now. Leather work gloves are definitely a good way to go.

There are many other safety products that may be suited to your particular job, but leather gloves can be universally appropriate. No matter who you are, your hands are going to be tested someday, it’s best to stay prepared with leather work gloves.

Finding Quality Work Gloves at a Budget

I’ll never settle for shoddy work gloves, but my budget won’t allow me to overpay, so I’ve learned a few tricks.

I’m glad you came here. I know a thing or two about getting the best work gloves at the most affordable prices. Stick with me, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about work gloves.

For the best work gloves info, it’s best to ask the experts, and you’ve come to one of the best.

I’ll give you several rules about where and how to buy the sturdiest work gloves around. I also may share a thing or two about other industrial-grade work clothing, for when times get tough. I’ve used it all, from leather aprons and arm guards to goatskin gloves and leather mitts

There’s Only One Way to Shop for Gloves

I hope you’ll heed my advice and stop getting gouged by the stores.

Sure, you’ll get an okay selection from which to choose, but you’re paying too many middle people. I prefer to go straight to the source by getting all of my heavy-duty work clothing over the Internet–there’s just so many advantages.

The best part about going online, besides the unbelievable quality and selection, is the price. I’ve saved so much money since I stopped leaving my house and hustling down to the store.

Online is also such an easy way to buy–it has everything. Definitely the wave of the future, in my opinion–check it out for yourself.