Bounty Hunter

bounty hunter metal detectors

Bounty Hunter metal detectors for treasure hunting are manufactured and produced by First Texas Products Company.

Established by Thomas Walsh in July 1999, the First Texas Products Company developed and expanded by acquiring optical products for outdoor activities and getting a niche in consumer electronics.

Aside from the Bounty Hunter – the leading line of metal detection products for recreational treasure hunting – First Texas also produces Night Owl brand night vision goggles, monoculars, and binoculars.

In May 2001, it acquired Night Owl Optics of New York, NY, a worldwide leader in consumer night vision products. The company was then recapitalized by its management and a financial buyer in 2003.

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are known as one of the world’s finest metal detectors. The genuine Bounty Hunter is able to detect and seek out any metal object under the ground. Each detector is specifically designed to search for treasures and other metallic pieces from any kind of terrain.

So, whether you want to find a harmful metallic weapon from an individual or locate a missing expensive metal piece on the ground, Bounty Hunter metal detectors can help you.


This particular product of Bounty Hunter costs $87.99 and has a shipping weight of 4 pounds. The dimensions of this detector is 28.2 x 10 x 6.2 inches; 4.6 pounds. This detector is ideal for beginners as it comes with these features:

  • 8″ interchangeable, waterproof D-Tech search coil with three different operating modes helps to hit pay dirt.
  • Sensitivity and Power control.
  • Discrimination control rejects iron and other trash items.
  • Dual-Tone Discrimination alerts with one or two audio pitches for various kinds of metals.
  • Motion all-metals mode responds to any metal.
  • Large Sensitivity Meter and Ground Trac automatically balances machine to soil conditions.
  • 5 yr limited warranty, easy-to-understand online tutorial and downloadable manual.

This light weight, easy to assemble detector has a shaft which adjusts to height. So, if you want all the excitement and profit of detection at a reasonable price then this is probably the item for you.


This model from the same maker is priced at $ 173.54 and has dimensions of 18 x 16.8 x 14.5 inches; 16.3 pounds. It carries a shipping weight of 6 pounds. This highly sensitive and accurate detector has some outstanding attributes like:

  • Notch and Auto-Notch modes help to differentiate between metal types. Auto-Notch equips the detector to automatically display the type and size of metal detected. Selective Notch programs it to include or exclude any object type or combination of types.
  • Sensitivity and discrimination control helps in identifying between valuable coins, rusty nails or tin cans.
  • Touch pad selection and 3 level iron discrimination aids in quality detection.
  • Handy LCD display combined with target identification and depth readout helps pinpoint the exact location of artifacts.
  • 3-tone audio discrimination and 8″ interchangeable, waterproof search coil.
  • 5 yr limited warranty; a storage pouch and digging tool as added bonus.

This detector can find treasures 3ft deep and is handy even in wet terrain. If you are a beach comber or a treasure and relic hunter or a prospector who is really serious about his detection, this product could be just suitable for you. Though a bit pricey the model is worth it’s value!


This user-friendly metal detector is valued at $66.27 and has a shipping weight of 8 pounds. The dimensions of this option are 20.8 x 9 x 6 inches; 3.7 pounds. A great performer metal detector, it is a collection of such extraordinary specs:

  • Power and Sensitivity Control helps in locating specific metals at specific depths.
  • 7″ closed waterproof coil makes it equally valuable in wet grass.
  • Trash eliminator control ignores unwanted metals.
  • 2 tone audio feedbacks help in excavating treasures up to 2 ft underground.
  • 1 yr limited warranty and comprehensive online tutorial are added advantage.

This lightweight detector is adjustable in size and is thus equally handy for all age groups. Hence, if you are thinking of going treasure hunting in a group, family or alone, this detector can assist in finding coins, relics, precious metals and more on beaches, parks or yards.

Buying the correct metal detector means buying one with correct attributes at the right value. To meet these requirements we presented you with various options of Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors which are a showcase of diverse features and variable price. Hoping our review has possibly left you with a clearer picture before you make your ultimate choice.

Features of Bounty Hunter metal detectors

Bounty Hunter metal detectors feature precise liquid crystal display (LCD) readouts of your target, such as the depth at which it is located. With this feature, you can easily determine how far you are from the metal object you are looking for, and easily plan your retrieval mode accordingly.

The other features of Bounty Hunter metal detectors include a four-level iron discrimination, optional rejection of low-value or inaccurate targets, wiring diagram, and smart track auto ground-balancing.

Because they cancel out or reject materials that are not close to your target, these special features are useful in quickly and accurately locating the exact metals you are looking for

Portable and functional

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are very convenient to use. Each unit is packed in an ergonomic, rugged, lightweight housing that you can bring with you anywhere, easily.

You can use a Bounty Hunter metal detector if you are looking for historical coins from under the ground, gold hunting, searching for lost jewelry, or just identifying what kind of water valve is buried under a certain area.

You never have to worry about handling, either. Bounty Hunter metal detectors are very rugged and can withstand even harsh outdoor conditions. They are the perfect partners in any expedition.

Price range of Bounty Hunter metal detectors

The ground search metal detector is the most popular among the Bounty Hunter metal detectors. The price of the Bounty Hunter ground metal detector ranges from as low as $50 to as much as $500.

Bounty Hunter metal detectors also offer a few hand-held metal detector models. Each unit costs around $80 to $100.