Top 10 Caterpillar Work Boots to Buy in 2019

The Illinois based Caterpillar Inc. was started in 1925 and serves in more than 200 countries as of date. Thanks to constant innovation and inventions, the company some of the best work boots in the market today. Caterpillar boot soles are made of foam which easily absorbs shock and provides extra cushioning for the foot.

Caterpillar Work Boots Clusters.

There are 3 clusters of Caterpillar work boots as presented on their website. Their design and structure is based on style, material make and intended working environment.

The Ultra duty¬†work boots are designed for those who work in tough environments such as the mining fields, the construction sites, ¬†and any other rugged surroundings that a normal boot can’t survive in. Features of the ultra duty work boot, dual construction frontal, ¬†a heavy duty mid sole and out sole and an upper part made of foam.

Top four ultra duty work boots reviewed:

The Ergolite The Ergolite cluster work boots come along as sleek, flexible and stylish footwear best suited for the worker who would rather wear a light and ergonomic shoe to work. The footwear features a dual density foam mid sole for better support to the foot, an exoskeleton to reinforce the upper body part and a composite safety toe for increased toe protection.

is designed for maximum flexibility.

Trending Ergolite Boots to Buy Today:

The Flexion cluster work boots are designed with your comfort in mind. They have an ultra flexible, waterproof body, a state of the art outer sole and an s curve inner sole.