Red Wing Shoes Company

Red Wing manufactures hunting boots, industrial boots, hiking shoes and casual shoes; over 60 percent of its products are manufactured or assembled in the United States.

Those who have ever shopped for a steel toe or composite toe boot are well acquainted with the Red Wing brand.

With over 500 company-owned and independent dealerships throughout the country, Red Wing plans to add 125 new stores over the next five years. The strategy to expand is possible because of their record growth in 2010. Up 12 percent from 2009, the company brought in $448 million and hired 315 employees.

However, Red Wind did undergo some financial hardships like so many companies did in 2009. Employees went to a four-day workweek, raises were frozen, the second shift was scaled back and voluntary retirement packages were offered.

Sales have recovered in the last nine months despite the sting of the recession as the company’s revenue is largely dependent on blue-collar workers such as construction workers, telephone linemen, miners, lumberjacks and longshoremen.

With an old-fashioned approach to customer service, Red Wing stores are set up to provide personal customer service. Sales people sit with customers, measure their feet and fit the shoes to the customer.

Predominately providing footwear for blue-collar workers, Red Wing boots are meant to stand up to the elements and harsh work conditions. Too busy to make it into a store? Work boots are available for purchase on many websites.

Best Red Wing Steel toe Boots.