Best 10 Timberland Pro Work Boots

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Timberland Pro is a subsidiary of Timberland LLC. Though only launched in 1998, Timberland Pro has grown to one of the most popular safety wear and Heavy duty work boot manufacturers. To date, Timberland’s Pro most popular products are  the 8″ Gold Nubuck leather boot and 6″ Gold Nubuck leather boot that are based on the popular GoreTex technology.

This is not to mention the Titan brand boots and shoes that have become synonymous with professionals working in industries such as construction zones, logging industries and many more.

The Best Timberland Work Boots Reviewed

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1.     Timberland PRO men’s Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot

timberland pro anti fatigue boots

Product Highlights
  • Most stylish Timberland Pro work boot
  • Light weight, Soft & comfortable design
  • Waterproof and slip-resistant
  • Good shock absorption & arch support
  • Amazingly durable
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A quick look at this boot isn’t enough to recognize it as a work boot. The design is so stylish that you would want to wear it anywhere. For tasks that do not involve iron or heavy stones, this soft toe boot may prove to be one of your best choices.

Comfortable design

Timberland’s PRO soft toe boot is made from soft full-grain leather. The sole is made of rubber while the inside has enough cushioning to guarantee a snug fit.  The top collar is also padded for additional comfort. If you always stand for over 10 hours, this timberland work boot is probably your best bet.


The manufacturer of these boots had the safety of the worker in mind, especially during the change of seasons. Featuring premium quality leather with seam-sealed joints, not even a splash of water will find its way inside the boot.

Despite keeping off the water, Timberland’s PRO soft-toe boot features Thermolite insulation. This feature maintains your feet warmer and keeps them dry all day long.


Timberland PRO soft toe boots are very light to the feet. Whether you are walking, jumping, running, or standing, you’ll always feel as if you’re barefoot.


Even on a very slippery or oily surface, the rubber sole will keep you in balance to prevent slipping.


The shock diffusion plate assumes a contour shape, which enhances foot stability and distributes pressure. This is useful during landing on very tough grounds.


  • It is great for all weather conditions
  • Light-weight
  • Very comfortable to the feet
  • Comes with anti-microbial treatment on the mesh lining, which prevents bad odor
  • Long-lasting
  • Minimizes foot fatigue by supporting the arch


  • Not very safe, especially for heavy-duty tasks involving huge debris and iron metals

Whether you’re an engineer, electrician, or a hiker, you’ll certainly need safety footwear to protect you while in the field. This timberland work boot has all the protective features you would ever ask for.

2.     Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole 6” Boot

Wedge sole boots are ideal for tough work environments where tripping is the order of the day. This sole allows you to tread on rivets without losing balance comfortably.


·                    Maximum safety

The Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN) argue that footwear with excellent safety features is key to combating workplace hazards.

That’s why Timberland PRO wedge boot features an ethylene vinyl acetate midsole. It is cushy, light, and flexible enough to ensure foot stability, safety, and weight dispersion.

·                    Anti-slipping rubber sole

If you are an engineer, constructor, or a craftsman, you’re probably dealing with grease, oil, or slippery floors.

This footwear comes with a rubber sole to prevent skidding. Additionally, rubber is very durable, promotes traction and allows flexible movements.

·                    Anti-fatigue technology

This feature provides a snug fit all day long. Besides relieving your feet of moisture, it also acts as a shock absorber.


  • Excellent for individuals suffering from back pain
  • Quite stable for harsh working conditions
  • Offers maximum surface traction
  • Resistant to slipping
  • Comfortable to the foot
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-microbial treatment to prevent bad odors


  • Wedge souls wear down faster than the regular sole footwear

This is definitely an all-weather work boot. You can wear it on sweltering summer days without sweating, or during cold winter. There’s enough insulation to generate heat to your feet.

3.     Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 Endurance 6” PR Work Boot

timberland work boots

Product Highlights
  • Anti-microbial lining
  • Steel toe boot
  • Premium full grain leather
  • Rubber outsole
  • Good shock absorption
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This steel toe boot complies with the guidelines set by OSHA, in accordance with the occupational foot safety. It offers maximum protection from falling objects, electrical hazards, and sharp objects, which are likely to pierce the sole.


·                    Anti-microbial lining

When you repeatedly wear your shoes for several months, you will notice some unpleasant smell permeating from the footwear. However, the case is different with Timberland’s 52562 work boot.

The mesh lining comes with an anti-microbial treatment, which prevents the build-up of bacteria responsible for bad odour. Your feet will stay fresh all day, hence, no need for buying another anti-odour control product.

·                    Premium full-grain leather

This footwear is made from a high-quality, long-lasting leather. The material is resistant to abrasion, an insulator and very sturdy. Even if debris falls on your feet, you’ll hardly feel it.

·                    Rubber outsole

When you mention a rubber outsole, you’ll definitely think of durability and extreme stability. Rubber prevents skidding on  slippery grounds or oily surfaces. Besides, it is resistant to abrasion and heat. So, if you accidentally step on a live wire, just relax as you continue working.

·                    Shock absorption

Timberland’s PRO 52562 comes with an anti-fatigue technology. It absorbs shock by dispersing energy at key points of the foot, thereby, enhancing comfort. You can be on your toes all-day without wearing the feet.

·                    Steel Toe

Steel means that the boot can withstand any pressure. Whether it is a dropping object or punctures, the footwear will protect you.


  • Very comfortable to the feet
  • Safe for use in construction sites, electric hazards, or metal workshops.
  • Includes an anti-microbial lining
  • Offers stability even in slippery environments
  • Durable
  • Resistant to abrasions, which curtails wear and tear.


  • Heavy

For any task you are undertaking, these work boots are never a disappointment. You can handle heavy-duty to light jobs without any fear of hurting your feet. The steel toe is enough to assure your safety.

4.     Timberland PRO Men’s 47015 Titan Soft-Toe Lace-Up

Timberland Pro Work Boots

Product Highlights
  • Rubber outsoles for slippery floors
  • Excellent breathability= comfort
  • Adaptive footbed cover
  • Offers arch support & gait correction
  • Very durable
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If you’re looking for durable work boots without compromising with safety and comfort, here’s an option. Read on to find out why Timberland’s Titan Lace-Up still has a high rating among the best soft-toe work boots.


·                    Rubber outsole

This feature allows you to comfortably walk on a slippery or oily floor without the fear of losing your balance. The rubber dual-density outsole is very long-lasting and resistant to abrasion.

·                    Maximum comfort and breathability

Unlike most footwear, which has been incorporated with other foam compounds, Timberland 47015 Titan features polyurethane midsoles. This compound is popular for its high resilience and long life. It is, therefore, one of the most expensive foam, used mainly for high-grade work boots.

This footwear also comes with EVA heel inserts. The inserts are responsible for ultimate padding and shock absorption, through energy distribution.

·                    Adaptive foot-bed cover

This acts as a temperature regulator. Whether it is during the scorching summer or your feet are just being too sweaty, the foot-bed cover prevents moisture build-up, therefore, keeping your feet dry.

·                    Molded heel cup

Heel inserts are effective at cradling the heel, offering walking stability, arch support, and correcting your gait.

Additionally, it provides shock relief and helps counter over-pronation.

·                    Nylon diffusion shank

In case of a heel strike, this feature diffuses the shock by providing torsional rigor and structural support.


  • Lightweight
  • Has an anti-microbial lining, which wards off bacteria responsible for bad odor
  • Protection against electrical hazards
  • Can be worn almost anywhere, as casual footwear or a work boot
  • Very comfortable to the feet with an anti-fatigue technology
  • Favorable to all weather conditions, since it is waterproof
  • Resistant to slipping


  • The sole is not strong enough

If you want to benefit from this soft-toe boot, keep off construction sites or harsh conditions. Moreover, the outsole will never last even if it regularly treads on rubbles.

5.     Timberland PRO Men’s 26011 Direct Attach 8” Soft-Toe

best timberland work boots

Product Highlights
  • Made from full-grain waterproof leather
  • Insulated to keep your feet warm
  • Well cushioned with the Anti Fatigue Technology
  • Made to protect against electrical hazards
  • Excellent arch support and foot stability
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This work boot is suitable for all weather conditions. You can wear it during summertime without feeling sweaty or during the chilly seasons. If you are a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, Timberland’s PRO 26011 soft-toe boots are what you need.


·                    Waterproof

Featuring premium-quality full-grain leather and seam-sealed joints, these work boots won’t allow in water. You can tread on a soggy environment without any hassle.

·                    Polyurethane sock liner

One of the major reasons of purchasing high-quality footwear is comfort. Timberland PRO 26011 work boots come with a removable polyurethane sock liner, which boasts exceptional cosiness. This foam component is exclusive to high-calibre shoe brands.

·                    Thinsulate insulation

In cold weather conditions, this footwear won’t adapt to the environment. Instead, the Thinsulate insulation will come in to keep your feet warmer.

·                    Rugged comfort and breathability

These work boots have attained comfort in several ways. The innersole has enough cushioning with anti-fatigue technology, which is responsible for shock absorption and energy dispersion.

In addition, the top collar of the boot has enough padding for comfort. This design also prevents small pebbles or debris from finding their way into your foot.

·                    Lug out rubber outsole

The lug sole provides traction in wet or muddy surfaces. The lug out rubber outsole is made of rubber, which makes the work boot extremely sturdy. It offers sufficient stability when treading on slippery floors, oil surfaces, or greasy environments.


  • Reduces fatigue by supporting the arch
  • Safeguards against electrical hazard
  • The mesh lining is aligned with an anti-microbial treatment, which inhibits the development of lousy odour bacteria.
  • Arch support and foot stability
  • Nylon shock diffusion plate for foot rigidity
  • Great for all weather conditions


  • Not reliable on very tough environments like construction sites or heavy metal works.

Timberland 26011 soft-toe work boot is very reliable, especially when performing light-duty jobs. You can wear it during the do-it-yourself tasks, street construction, carpentry or hiking.

6.     Timberland PRO Men’s Hyperion Waterproof XL ST Work Boot

timberland work boots for men

Product Highlights
  • Comes with Vibram outsole for improved traction
  • EVA midsole provides stability & arch support
  • Agion anti-microbial treatment to prevent feet odor
  • Made with Timberland Pro’s Anti Fatigue Technology
  • Has alloy safety toe cap
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These boots are designed to provide safety when working in the industrial or construction sites. Do you like hiking? If yes, Timberland PRO Hyperion may be your best bet.  Timberland’s PRO Hyperion is geared up to provide safety in the harshest conditions.


·                    Rubber double toe with Vibram outsole

With over 70 years of experience in producing soles, Vibram is undoubtedly one of the most trusted companies. This sole provides maximum traction on almost all terrains. Despite being durable, it has excellent grip, which prevents skidding on oily or slippery surfaces.

The rubber toe is efficient in protection against falling objects or abrasions.

·                    EVA midsole

EVA foam compound guarantees comfort to your feet. It is designed to adapt to your feet in order to provide the needed stability and arch support. Its midsole can also double up as a shock absorber during impact.

·                    Agion anti-microbial treatment

Agion uses copper and silver for protection. It acts by inhibiting the growth of microbes, which are the main causative of unpleasant odour.

·                    Premium-quality leather

The full-grain Ever-Guard leather upper is strong enough to withstand abrasions. It constitutes a waterproof membrane to keep off water and maintain the feet dry, even during the wet conditions.

·                    Anti-fatigue technology

If you work in the industrial or construction sites, you may require to stand for extended periods. This strains your feet muscles causing subsequent pains. According to ISHN, this kind of foot-fatigue is manageable by wearing comfortable shoes with enough support.

Timberland’s Hyperion work boots feature an anti-fatigue feature, which is responsible for shock absorption.

Alloy safety toe cap

One of the most notable advantages with the alloy toe boots is that they are twice lighter than their steel counterparts but equally stronger. So, if you’re into hiking, these are the lightest option. For heavy tasks involving falling objects, the alloy is strong enough to secure your toes.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Can be worn in any work environment, as casual wear or mountaineering
  • Waterproof
  • An alternative to those with plantar fasciitis
  • Provides safety in moderately tough environments
  • Features anti-microbial lining, which prevents bad odour


  • In very extreme snowy environments, these work boots may not provide you with enough warmth.

These work boots are ideal for industrial work, hiking, or mountaineering. However, you may need to purchase safer footwear if you engage in tough construction tasks because Timberland’s PRO Hyperion may not adequately secure your feet.

7. Timberland Men’s Powerwelt

The Timberland Men’s Powerwelt took around 5 to 6 days to break completely in. During these 5 days, there were excellent indoors, but I could not take them for any outdoor excursions. Once the shoe break in, it was all mighty and comfortable, just like any other Timberland boot. The company has introduced the anti-fatigue Technology, but that was missing from the shoe. However the comfort levels were exceptionally good, and I could wear them at a stretch for 10 hours or so without any fatigue.

The Shoe also fits in quite well. In fact, 79% of Amazon customers have rated it good in terms of fitting. However, the added weight of the shoe reduces its flexibility.Timberland Men’s Powerwelt also comes with the Timberland’s unique 30-day comfort guarantee. So if you can’t break in comfortably with the shoes, then you can always ask for a refund. But that won’t be the case.

Safety and protection

The Timberland Men’s Powerwelt comes with Steel toe, and it also provides protection from electrical hazards. The outer portion of the shoe is also oil, abrasion, and slip resistant, however, it lacks a puncture resistant sole.

Insulation wise, the Timberland Men’s Powerweltis quite insulated. If you are looking for a trusted winter boot, then they can work like a charm. However on the flip side, this would mean you’d have tobrace yourself for sweaty and uncomfortable feet during the warm temperatures in summer.

Design and style

The Timberland Men’s Powerwelt has a very peculiar styling, and you’d either love it, or you would completely hate it. In my case, I really like the style. Thanks to abrasion resistance, the boot can look new for a long, long time. So if you are a person who totally destroys the exterior of a shoe, then this is your best bet.

Customer reviews

In general, the review for the Timberland Men’s Powerwelt has been mixed. Out of the 150 reviews on Amazon, it has anaverage rating close to 4.3 stars out of the maximum 5. The most popular feature of the shoe has of course been its ability to provide comfort and durability. Apart from the break in issues, some people have also suggested that you can wear this shoe for 3 years or so. But some have said that it falls apart right after few months of usage.

The final verdict

You can grab the Timberland Men’s Powerwelt for less than $100 depending on your size, and that makes it a very attractive proposition. The positives are of course the comfort level and the style. However, durability remains a question. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you a definitive answer on that part.

8. Timberland Men’s White Ledge mid Waterproof Ankle boot

Pros: Leather, Rubber sole, Premium waterproof leather for comfort, durability and abrasion resistance, Padded collar for a comfortable fit, removable dual-density EVA footbed, and B.S.F.P. motion efficiency system active rubber lug outsole for excellent traction
Cons: The front of the boot seems to squeeze the big toe a bit too much making it uncomfortable. In addition, they could add a some more cushioning to the sole to make it more comfortable.

This is one of the newer editions that have been able to make it into the wall of one of the best Timberland work boots. It has a unique style to it but it does not take away the work boot’s original function which is to provide a way to ease the day for a hard manual worker who will need to work for long hours on end. The Timberland Men’s White ledge mid waterproof Ankle boot has truly accomplished this fete.

These features all aim to make this one of the easy to wear yet effective work boot. The Timberland Men’s White ledge mid waterproof Ankle boot has a unique appearance with the full grain leather upper which can come in a variety of colors such as black or brown which are the most popular colors that most customers seem to want. This upper has been additionally seam sealed. This is so as to reinforce it to the shoe so as to avoid cases where the leather comes off just after a few heavy jobs here and there. This leather that they used though has also another additional feature which is that it is waterproof. The leather is a premium kind and I can tell you that you can literally dip your foot into a bucket of water and you will not feel any water getting into the work boot.

One of the main aims of a work boot is that it should be stable enough to support the user and to prevent clumsy accidents that may involve knocks and falls which in some works such as construction, can be risky if not fatal. The timberland team then tried to fulfill this aim by adding a rubber nonslip outsole. It being nonslip simply means that it has more traction to the ground that is underneath it. Give the Timberland Men’s White ledge mid waterproof Ankle boot a snowy or muddy day and you will think that you are walking on a tarmac road. The grip is fantastic.

Now onto the more technical part of the boot; the Timberland Men’s White ledge mid waterproof Ankle boot has a dual density EVA midsole. This is meant to provide a lightweight cushioning and act as a comfortable foot bed. It prevents strain to your foot and makes it more and more bearable to stand in them for longer hours. The work boot also has padded collar to add to the comfort ability of the boot. Previously, the timberland boots without this padding used to be very hard to wear due to the friction but now with this I can say that it helps a lot. To add on to grip, they installed a B.S.F.P motion efficiency system active rubber lug outsole. In one word, all I can call it is grip.

The Timberland Men’s White ledge mid waterproof Ankle boot though is not all gold and bright. It also has a few downsides. For example the front of the boot seems to squeeze the big toe a bit too much making it uncomfortable. Also, they could have added a bit more cushioning to the sole to make it more comfortable. Despite these small problems, the Timberland Men’s White ledge mid waterproof Ankle boot is still one of the best work boots in the market and it is going for around $ 90.

9. Timberland Pro Men’s 26036 Direct Attach 6” Soft toe boot

Pros: Leather, Rubber sole, Waterproof Full Grain Leather Work Boots With Sealed Seam And Direct Attach Sole Construction, High-loft 200g Thinsulate insulation is quick-drying and moisture-resistant, Anti-microbial lining.
Cons: Not as useful on the ice as it is on muddy grounds. The other problem that you should look out for is that it is bigger per size and you should probably order half a size smaller.

The Timberland team always strive to build functional work boots but also make them have a unique and distinct look and style. With the Timberland Pro Men’s 26036 Direct Attach 6” Soft toe boot, they have certainly tried to achieve that goal because apart from having a hardcore Timberland description, it looks much more better than just any other ordinary Timberland work boot; an almost perfect blend between looks and function.

The Timberland Pro Men’s 26036 Direct Attach 6” Soft toe boot has many qualities that make it one of the best work boots out there. We will start with what you see when you get the boot. It has a stunning full grain leather upper that covers it entirely. This leather upper can come in a variety of colors but it usually comes in black or brown because these are the more popular colors that most Timberland users prefer. The leather upper has other additional features which include it being waterproofed. Any liquid that falls on the surface of the boot ends up being beaded and they simply roll off the work boot and keep it dry and comfortable. To make it completely waterproof and increase the durability of the boot Timberland has seam sealed the boot and have had a direct attach sole construction. This is just saying that the Timberland Pro Men’s 26036 Direct Attach 6” Soft toe boot will not fall apart anytime soon after you buy it.

Most work boots out there have the aim of making the boot as stable as possible. The Timberland Pro Men’s 26036 Direct Attach 6” Soft toe boot has thus not been left behind and they have installed a lightweight rubber outsole as well as a lightweight PVC midsole. Both of these are meant to improve the grip or traction that the work boot will have on the surface of the ground. There has however been a problem with the boots on snowy surfaces. They do not grip as well as you would want them to but on the other surfaces such as oily or muddy grounds, it works perfectly to keep you on the ground.

They have also managed to put the nylon shock diffusion plate internal shank system. It allows the user to receive heavy blows to their feet without them getting injured. You can think of it as a shock absorber like those in a car. This comes along with a 200 gram high-loft thinsulate insulator and it comes with an addition of an anti-microbial lining. The insulator keeps the temperature in the boot moderate and endurable while the anti-microbial lining works to keep the odor of the boot at tolerable levels. So you can sweat in the boot but the end result will not be smelt as much as it should be.

Just like any other work boot out there in the market however, the Timberland Pro Men’s 26036 Direct Attach 6” Soft toe boot also comes with a few hiccups here and there. I have already mentioned the fact that it is not as useful on the ice as it is on muddy grounds. The other problem that you should look out for is that it is bigger per size and you should probably order half a size smaller. If you can live without walking on ice, then you can go ahead and get these boots because they are still a great pair of shoes. They go for around $ 160.

The ANTI-FATIGUE Timberland Technology.

Timberland LLC does a great job to ensure you are comfortable and protected in whichever environment you work out from.  That’s why every Timberland Pro work boot series feature an innovative design with the inner soles crafted in such away that they can absorb shocks resulting from foot movement.

At a closer look, you will realize that the inner soles actually assume the shape of an inverted cone and this helps them to cradle your feet for maximum comfort and support. The inner soles are also made of durable foam  that wicks away moisture thus keeping your feet dry.

The 4 Key selling points of Timberland work boots:

The protective toe

Timberland offers four forms of protective toe namely Composite toe, Alloy toe, Steel toe and the soft toe.

Composite toe are ideal for those working in areas with metal detectors such as in Airports. Steel toe, on other hand, make for a solid choice for people working in tough environments such in welding zones and construction sites as the steel toe can withstand the risks posed by the materials used in such area.

Comfort guarantee

A combination of ANTI-FATIGUE, safety toes and 400 grams of Thermolite® insulation, Timberland work boots offer unrivaled quality and comfort for the user. You can work all day long without feeling like you have blocks of concrete for your work boots.

The layered insulation

Whether it’s the composite toe, steel toe or the soft toe, Timberland series of work boots come with a 400 grams of Thermolite® insulation. This provides for a soft landing of your foot and minimizes fatigue on the feet.

Waterproof capabilities

The best Timberland pro work boot are designed to meet the needs of those who work in moist environments such as in logging zones, construction sites and warehouses. Basically, the material of the work boot is treated in a way that liquids bead up and ultimately gets shed from the surface.

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