Why Bother With Water Shower Filters?

Water Shower filters are quite possibly the most important purchasing decision that you are ever going to have to make. This is particularly true if you or anyone in your family suffers from asthma, or some other kind of respiratory ailment.

Water Shower filters could make the biggest difference to them.

What water shower filters basically do is that they prevent chlorine and other chemicals and byproducts from entering your home. Most people seem to think that it is only important to keep these kinds of contaminates out of their drinking water.

Filtering for clean drinking water is a very good idea, but these contaminants threaten your health in more ways than just one. People truly don’t seem to understand that the contaminated water that is in your bathroom pipes could actually be more dangerous to you than what is in your kitchen faucet.

Water shower filters could be the best tool for protecting your family’s health while using the amenities of that room. You see, you can run chlorinated water over yourself for a few minutes every day and not really be in any real danger, as long as there wasn’t any steam produced.

How many of you out there take cold showers in the morning? In this next part you are going to begin to truly comprehend just how important shower filters are.

Chlorine vaporizes at a faster rate than does water, as is typical of man chemicals. So that means that what you’re getting in the steam around you is mostly chlorine. It is the inhalation of this chlorine vapor, and the size of the dose that you get that make it so dangerous to not use shower water filters.

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These vapors also contain chloroform gas, which is the true form of the chlorine byproduct THMs. THMs are known carcinogens, and when inhaled in its gaseous form goes almost directly into your bloodstream via the soft tissues of the lungs.

You’re taking these agents at a rate of 600% more than you would get by drinking a gallon of water. You are also absorbing these vapors through the pores in your skin. Once they are in your bloodstream these cancer causing poisons flow throughout your body, eventually being completely absorbed by the tissues.

They say that if you swim in a chlorinated pool every day, that you triple your risk of cancer. How many showers have you taken in your lifetime without shower water filters?

The reason I mentioned respiratory ailments earlier was because I wanted to let you know that chlorine is also a respiratory irritant. It can inflame the throat and lungs, and can trigger asthma attacks.

Do you now see why I keep stressing the importance of protecting your family by installing shower filters?

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Chlorine was used as early as World War I as a chemical weapon, and you had to wear gas masks in order to keep yourself from dying. Why would you want to continue to breath something like that, even if it is at lower doses?

My advice to you is to purchase good water shower filters today.