Minelab Metal Detectors

While a relatively young company, Minelab Metal Detectors, Inc. has become world-renowned for producing metal detectors that are simple, precise, and powerful. This company produces metal detectors for thrill-seekers and treasure hunters. They also display a remarkable corporate compassion by producing demining equipment as well. Minelab Metal Detectors has been in business since 1985. While … Read moreMinelab Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett metal detectors are technologically advanced metal detectors that are popular and widely used for security checkpoints. You can see Garrett metal detectors in places that need proper and effective protection and security such as airports, prisons, and public venues, including shopping malls and nightclubs. Types and features of Garrett metal detectors Garrett metal detectors … Read moreGarrett Metal Detectors

Best Fisher Metal Detectors- Reviews and Buying Guide

Metal detectors have been around for decades. They have helped us stay safe in airports and sea ports and discover hidden items buried in the soil. Today, there are many manufacturers of metal detectors all over the world. But they will all not be here today if not for The Fisher Research Laboratory. Overview of … Read moreBest Fisher Metal Detectors- Reviews and Buying Guide