Do House Water Filters Help The Environment?

According to Eric Olsen, Natural Resources Defense Council, “The purchase of bottled water causes millions of plastic bottles to be manufactured, transported and then disposed of in U.S. landfills. It is killing our planet and for no good reason…”

In a country suffering increasingly from health issues that range from obesity to cancer, is there any time left to think about global warming or environmental conservation? Of course, the focus here is on bottled water – something directly linked to health but also to the environment.

And it might come as a surprise to learn that things aren’t what they seem. In fact, you might even be amazed to find that house water filters are the true solution to those issues raised above.

The Inside Story on Bottled Water

best water filters to buyThe bottled water industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, the biggest in the beverage market. Their power lies in advertising and capitalizing on the fact that bottled water “is the healthy alternative to tap water”. But is it really?

According to law, bottled water need only be as good as tap water, not better. Additionally, bottled water need only to comply with FDA regulations when sold across state lines.

What this means, primarily for your health, is that bottled water could still contains the same harmful bacteria and chemicals present in tap water.

It is also known that bottled water is subject to less stringent checks than tap water, meaning that they could very well contain a number of harmful contaminants. What this means is that bottled water could well have the same harmful effects as tap water.

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Before we get to the solution of house water filters, we’d like to point out a few additional things about bottled water.

The plastic bottles that bottled water comes in, are disposable but not biodegradable, which means they are eventually harmful to the environment.

The cost of bottled water is astronomical in comparison to its real worth. More than 90% of the money spent on bottled water goes towards the plastic, the lid, the label and transportation instead of the water itself.

The bottles of bottled water are capable of leaking a cancer-causing agent into the water, known as Pthylate.

Benefits of Using House Water Filters

That being said, what makes house water filters the better option? For one thing you need to keep in mind that with a house water filter in place your drinking water gets purified twice – once by the municipality and then again by the filter.

Another very important benefit of house water filters are that they are long-lasting and just keep on doing their job. They don’t get thrown away and add to the already brimming landfills.

Just in case you need one more reason, house water filters  are much cheaper to have on a long term basis than the daily purchase of bottled water. In short, house water filters are not only good for the consumer but for the environment too.

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A noteworthy statement issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration affirms that “Companies that market bottled water as being safer than tap water are defrauding the American public…”