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When it comes to completing yard work, mobility is of the primary importance. Having the ability to reach areas that aren’t easily accessible by rake or a mower is key to making certain that your property looks the best that it can.

Backpack leaf blowers are a great way to ensure that you are mobile and have ready access to the areas that you need to reach to ensure that your yard remains clean and free of debris.

Many people prefer to use backpack leaf blowers on a daily basis. They are convenient and very easy to use as they let you keep your hands free.

You’ll find that backpack leaf blowers are perfect for clearing out a yard full of leaves, sweeping away debris from driveways, and perfect for ensuring that sidewalks are easy to walk along. It won’t be long before you find many other outdoor uses for backpack leaf blowers as well.

The versatility and ability to carry the pack with you will let you easily remove debris from gutters, low roofs, and overhangs.

When choosing backpack leaf blowers its important to select one that has the amount of power that you need to complete the task at hand. You can select smaller leaf blowers for more compact areas but blowers designed for backpacks are the perfect solution for those who need to clear larger areas.

You may find that choosing a blower that also serves as a vacuum is the best way to handle your yard work. These blowers are multifunctional and ensure that you not only blow away debris and leaves but also are able to remove and dispose of them simply and efficiently.

Since the best backpack blowers are designed to offer complete versatility and freedom to move, these blowers aren’t operated with a cord, but use gasoline and oil. This allows them to maximize the amount of power they have and will ensure that they can handle even the largest yard work.

1. Try to find a model that emits the smallest amount of hydrocarbons.

A backpack leaf blower is fueled by gasoline. There are many states that regulate heavily the use of small gasoline powered machines because of its carbon emissions. This is in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act, specifically the clause that covers the gas emissions standards for man made machines. In order to avoid paying fines or penalties, it is essential that you buy a backpack blower that is energy efficient and one that releases the least amount of toxic fumes in the air.

2. Try also to find a model that emits the quietest noise possible.

Aside from air pollution, many states are also concerned with the noise from small engine machines. Again, in order to prevent being fined or rousing trouble with your neighbors, you might want to buy models that have less than 65 decibels of emitted noise.

3. Match the model of the machine to the kind of work you plan to do.

Smaller models are suitable for small to medium sized yards and gardens, while there are also those that are meant for heavy duty work (e.g. parks and other open fields.)

You can gauge which kind of machine you would need by the liters of gasoline you can put into the model’s tank. The fewer the liters, the less area you can cover. This is not necessarily bad especially if you have a small space to work in; but it can be a hassle if have to stop every few minutes just to refill.

4. The weight of the backpack blower model is also a critical factor when it comes to buying this kind of machine.

As the name implies, you will be carrying this machine with you as you work. Unfortunately, the longer you work, the heavier the machine will feel on your back.

If possible, try to wear the backpack before you buy it. If it feels too heavy already on the first try, you will have a lot more problems when you put in 1 to 4 liters of gasoline later on. Try to find the model that will best suit your frame and stature.

This is especially true if you are planning on buying a blower vac model: a backpack leaf blower that vacuum-suck in the leaves and shreds these in an attached bag. As the bag fills, it will add a few more pounds to the weight you are carrying.

5. Lastly, the price is always a source of concern. Some of the best products in the market can cost you a cool $100 and more. But there are also quality products you can buy for less that amount. Some good models would cost you no more than $35.

If price is an issue, try to read up on product reviews and ask friends and family members for recommendations. Always check for warranties and money back guarantees too.