Top Ten World-Famous Hiking Trails

Hiking trails

There are hundreds of hiking trails with great features.

If you are a hardcore hiker, you’ll agree that you are always looking for great hiking trails in your locality and elsewhere. If you have already exhausted the local trails and you are itching to explore the world, below is a recap of 10 striking multi-day hikes around the globe. I have personally visited six these hiking trails and I will tell, though they are tiring, the experience is magnanimous. Check the trails out.

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal.

    Location: Nepal

        Trail length: 69.8 miles

        Safe durations for a hike: September through to November, March through to May.

Trail overview

The Nepal elevations remain a popular site to go for a hike owing to the legendary heights, the amazing culture of the inhabitants and generally due to a large number of fellow hikers who make a visit to the area every year.

The routes

Mount Everest trek offers two routes to the climbers;

The standard route- This runs from the southeast part of Nepal towards the Mountain. It’s the more friendly route as there a few climbing challenges registered.

The Northern route– This originates from the Tibet side and climbers approach Mount Everest from the North. It’s more challenging compared to the standard route.

2. The Sierra High Route, California

3. Queen Charlotte Track

4. Trek to Petra, Jordan





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