How Work Boot Leather is Tanned

Preparing leather for industrial process is one complicated process. It starts with cutting the raw hide across its thickness so as to separate the upper hairy layer and the soft under side. The process ends with refining the gloss and adding special effects depending on intended use.

If you are reading this, you are certainly with more details than just a mere mention of the whole tanning. Here’s the detailed guide on how tanning is effected.

The 5 Step Process of Tanning Leather;

Phase 1: The Pre-tanning process

The first step to converting raw hides and skins to usable form entail soaking the hides so as to minimize the effect of the salts that are often used in preserving the hides.

Basically, the raw hides are soaked in large drums and rolled continuously to clean off the salts.

A second step in pre-tanning is liming process. It entails removing the hairs and epidermis using a sodium sulfide enhanced calcium hydroxide solution. By the end of this stage, the raw hides are softer and more flexible thus ideal for use in industrial processes.

Phase 2: The actual tanning

Phase 3: Selecting and grading

Phase 4: The dressing process

Phase 5: Finishing